Friday, December 2, 2011

Think Yourself Lucky - Launched Today!

Think Yourself Lucky
Big news!
My publishers, The WCCL Network, have just launched Think Yourself Lucky, an audio guide that explains how anyone can boost their luck by applying just a few simple scientific principles.

I was commissioned by WCCL to research the content for this guide and write the script for it, and worked closely with them to develop what I believe is a comprehensive and highly professional finished product.

Think Yourself Lucky was a fascinating project to work on. As a psychology major, I have a long-standing interest in luck and related matters, so researching and writing Think Yourself Lucky really was a labour of love for me. And the more I got into it, the more I realized that for many people a course on this subject really could be a life-changer!

Think Yourself Lucky draws on recent scientific research by leading experts in this field, including Dr Richard Wiseman, Carol Sansone, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and many more.

From all of this I distilled seven key scientific principles you can apply to improve your luck in almost every aspect of your life. The only exception is the small proportion of what we call luck that truly IS based on chance. As I wrote in the introduction:

This course will NOT improve your chances of winning the state lottery, or even the weekly raffle held by the Parent–Teachers Association. These and similar events really ARE down to random chance, and anyone who claims they can boost your chances of winning in these cases is a fraud and a charlatan.

However, luck is about much, much more than this. It's about finding and grasping opportunities, and - more than that - creating opportunities of your own. It's about making changes to your life and how you live it, to allow luck more opportunities to enter your life and enrich it. And it's about taking instances of bad luck and turning them round to create good luck instead...

And it's not just me saying this, incidentally. Dr Richard Wiseman, a UK psychology professor who performed a decade-long study of luck, estimates that only 10% of "good luck" is actually down to chance. The remaining 90% remains something we can control ourselves.

In these diffficult economic times, we all need all the luck we can get. And I'm excited to have worked with WCCL to create a first-rate course I really believe WILL help anyone who applies the principles it sets out to enjoy more luck in their personal, financial and business lives.

Please click through any of the links in this post (or the banner below) to read full details about Think Yourself Lucky, including my publisher's current $30 launch discount!

Think Yourself Lucky

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