Monday, January 9, 2012

Interviewed by Ruth Barringham, my co-author on The Wealthy Writer


A little while back I was interviewed by Ruth Barringham of the websites Writeaholics and Cheriton House Publishing.

I'm pleased to say that the audio is now available as a podcast via Ruth's site, and you can play it from here or download it.

As you'll discover, our discussion was quite wide-ranging, covering everything from my working methods and how I market myself, to my attitude toward housework and cats in the office!

The whole interview is a shade over an hour, so if you want to sit and listen to it all the way through, I recommend getting a cup of tea and a slice of cake first :-)

As indicated in the post title, Ruth and I collaborated on The Wealthy Writer, a guide for writers on making money writing for online markets. The Wealthy Writer is published by my regular publishers (and blog sponsors) The WCCL Network. More information about the course can be found on this page of my website.

During our discussion we mentioned a number of other websites as well, so for convenience I've listed all the ones I could think of below. If there are any I've missed out, please let me know and I'll add them as well...

The Authors Licensing and Copyright Society (ALCS)

The UK PLR Office

Nick Daws' Homepage

The Nick Daws Daily

MyWritersCircle forum

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days

Kindle Kash

Think Yourself Lucky (audio course)

I do hope you enjoy listening to the interview - here's the link to it again. I certainly enjoyed talking to Ruth, and was pleased that she wanted to discuss so many aspects of my work.

If you have any comments or questions, as always, please feel free to leave them below.

Photo: My office desk, on one of my tidier days. Photo by yours truly.

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